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3+ years of experience in the Film/ TV Industry as a Production Assistant, Camera Operator, Production Coordinator, and First Assistant Director.

Working towards becoming a Producer.

About Brittany Hutchins

Since graduating in March of 2020, Brittany has explored the Advertising and Indie Film scenes in Portland and Central Oregon, traveled throughout Oregon, Washington, and California as a Camera Operator shooting Professional Track Meets, and now finds herself working in the TV Food Competition scene in New York City.


At the start of her career, Brittany was approached by her mentor, JJ Vazquez, to join a team that had a dream of bringing Track to mainstream sports media. Becoming a Camera Operator for Tracklandia is how she found herself with a front row seat to watch some of the greatest runners of our generation. Brittany's time spent at Tracklandia affirmed her love of competition and live-events, and working with her mentor made her realize she wanted to pursue a career in producing.

After joining GMS Media & Advertisement as a Production Assistant, Brittany gained invaluable pre-production and on-set experience that quickly put her in a position to be a Production Coordinator for an In-N-Out Burgers Short Film. Following her time in Advertising, Brittany was brought onto a short film called Further In as First AD and quickly found herself AD-ing shoots on lakes, ranches, at rodeos and family-run restaurants throughout Central Oregon.

Since moving to New York, Brittany has worked on the set of HBO's And Just Like That as a Production Assistant, in the AD Department for Amazon Prime Video and Blumhouse Production's untitled horror baking show, and a number of other Live Events, Advertising projects, and TV projects.


Currently, Brittany is looking to find her way back to the sports side of the industry in the form of Tennis Media. She is working towards becoming a Producer.

Hi, my name is Brittany Hutchins, and I am an actor I mean an aspiring producer.


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